But I’m A Nice Guy


I know it’s not everyone’s thing, but I think more creative people – animators, illustrators, designers, game devs – should do editorial work from time to time. Aside from the personal satisfaction, it’s important because we make culture. And while money and institutions may favor more entrenched and regressive ideas, creative people tend broadly to be more progressive in their views. They may have the banks and the elected officials, but we’ve got the artists. And that’s not a small thing.


I did a short editorial cartoon recently about misogyny, particularly as it manifests itself in some anti-feminist men’s movements, and what I think is at the root of a lot of it. The piece is a satire. I’m assuming no man is sitting there saying “I am afraid of women” to himself. But I think a lot of the root of their anger and hatred of women comes down to fear of women and what women represent to them. It’s sad to me.

If you are wondering about the Matrix reference, feel free to google “red pill men” and fall down that particular internet rabbit hole.


In the weeks since posting this video, I’ve received the standard internet troll-rage (lots of death and rape threats from what I assume are kids) as well as objections with varying degrees of civility and points to make. But above and beyond that I’ve gotten to meet and make friends with a load of other feminists and anti-misogynists, and that has been pretty priceless.

However, two types of responses I’ve gotten have been what’s made this all worth it.

First, I’ve received a few messages and emails from men who saw a bit of themselves in the cartoon and realized that they’ve been holding onto years-old grudges and insecurities that were poisoning their views of women and, even more sadly, themselves. Takes a lot of guts to own up to that, and they have my greatest respect. I think we’ve all had to do that kind of thing more than once in our lives, maybe not in regards to women, but something. And it’s never easy. So fedora’s off to those guys.

Secondly, a few feminist women have been in touch to say that the video made them see some angry guys with a bit more humanity, and prodded them in the direction of trying to understand them and see them as people instead of internet monsters.

So, you know, mission accomplished?

I wrote out a rather long-winded response to some of the objections I was receiving, which you can read here.

Additionally, due to popular demand, there is now a Feminazi Stole My Ice Cream tshirt available, with 25% of proceeds going to Planned Parenthood. Get ’em while they’re hot!


Oh, I suppose I should tell you a little about the actual production of this video.

It was made 100% in After Effects over 4 or 5 nights in mid-April 2013. I was suffering from some intense creative block and thought a quick little project would get the gears going. I was right about that, but couldn’t quite predict that the next 10 days would be thoroughly creatively destroyed by the internet reaction. Live and learn!


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