Tic Tac Ewww!


I have of late been doing some work for The Pacific Science Center’s  Wellbody Academy exhibit. Tic Tac Ewww! is a game where kids look for behaviors associated with bad hygiene in 90-second videos of different environments filled with various animated characters. When they spot one, they cover that behavior with a tile on a gameboard below the screen. I’ve been in charge of design and animation and was given a relatively open brief as far as character and environment design. One of the more fun and challenging aspects to this has been working on the timing and diversions to make it challenging, so kids are often looking to the upper left when one of the behaviors they are trying to spot is happening in the lower right. Although sometimes subtlety goes out the window and you just slap a giant pink octopus in the middle.

I’ll be working on it until January, at which point we will have completed 5 “levels”. 3 of those levels are featured in the video above.

I’ve loved working on this and would love to do more things like it. Get at me, educational an museum people. I am reasonably priced.

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